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The common goal of the project work in 3K & 3M is the sifting of already existing and the creation and presentation of new creative approaches to digitization, incorporating earlier project results.

During the period of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the partners in all institutions were keen to stay in contact with their addressees, which is why initial results were already available when this project started.

Examples from different sectors are shown. It is important to note that connections have been made between language, history, literature, art and music.

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The material can also be used for training, so a training course based on the developed modules developed has been created for multipliers.

This course will be offered in spring 2024 by our project partners in Kaunas, Liepaja and Paderborn.

Registrations can be made as of now. The course is suitable for a KA-1 measure. To learn more, please read the "info"  in the chapter IDEAS.

Inquiries and registrations at: